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We accept the following methods of payment for your ordering

• Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Maestro & Laser Card )

• Western Union

• Wire Transfer

Paying by Credit Card

Paying by credit card is safe, easy and convenient at Yourname.com. We currently accept the following forms of card type:
American Express
Japanese Credit Bank (JCB)
Diners Club
Laser Card

Our web site does not store or review your credit card information. As such, should any issues arise regarding your credit card transaction, please contact RBS WorldPay or your credit card company for assistance. We cannot accept any responsibility for any credit card payment issues.

Credit Card Exceptions

We currently accept credit card payments worldwide.

Paying via Western Union:

To complete your Western Union payment successfully please take the following steps:

1. Complete the payment via your bank. Make sure that the amount you transfer is the exact total of your order.When you make the order please contact with us ,we will send you our western Union beneficiary name and details for you to make the payment .

2. Once you have paid us the order through wetern Union ,you send us the T/T copy ,then we will arrange the order shipment for you .

Paying via Bank to Bank Wire Transfer:

1.You can pay us through bank wire Transfer , when you ordered online please contact our E-mail manager@hx-f.com send the order lists ,we will send you our bank information for the payment

transfer .

2.When you finished the bank wire transfer please send us the T/T copy ,then we will check our bank and confirm the payment for you .

3.Once confirmed the payment for you we will arrange the order shipment for you .

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