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How to select your office chair furniture?

How to select your office chair furniture?

When you want to buy some office chairs maybe you will be confused by so many kinds of chairs on the markets and internet .For the office chairs furniture selection is very important ,if you buy some good office chairs furniture will make your work very efficiency and comfortable ,also good for your health ,especially for the back and neck of your body .

We Heng Xing Office Furniture have more than 9 years for production various kinds of office chairs furniture ,here we would like to give you some introduction for various kinds of office chair and give you some suggestion .

When you select your office chairs furniture please pay the attention to the following points :

1. Swivel or no swivel chairs : Regularly the office chairs we means the swivel one chairs ,also some ones not swivel .The Swivel chair can turn in 360 degrees . For the not swivel ones is fixed can not turn .

2. Lift or no Lift Chairs : The office chairs furniture include  the lift chairs and no lift chairs .The lift chairs most are also swivel chairs .The no lift chairs also most are no swivel chairs . The lift office chairs the regular lift range is from 1-12cm ,for the bar office chairs the lift range can each 28cm or maybe more .

3. Office Chairs furniture categories: A. the office chairs furniture according to different materials can be divided as :Leather office chairs ,mesh office chairs ,fabric office chairs ,metal office chairs ,plastic office chairs ,aluminum office chairs ,wooden office chairs . B. According to the different use the office chairs can be named :Executive office chairs , manager office chairs,staff office chairs ,clerk office chairs ,task office chairs , school office chairs ,and also the secretary chairs , also kids office chairs ,bar stools office chairs ,conference office chairs ,reception office chairs and waiting office chairs , also the lab office chairs, gaming and racing chairs ,etc  . C. Refer to different design of the office chairs furniture the chairs can be called : Eams chairs ,Ergonomic Chairs ,Middle Back Chairs ,High back chairs .

4. Office Chairs different parts materials : A .Office Chairs base regularly is 5 stars base with wheels casters , the 5 stars chair base can be made of BIFMA approved Nylon base ,Chrome metal base , aluminum metal base ,solid oak wooden base .The aluminum metal base is the most expansive one among all the base , the second expansive one is the solid oak wooden base ,the most cheaper one is the PP plastic base but less customer use this kind base as this kind base very easy to broken . For all the chairs wheels casters our Heng Xing Office chairs use the Nylon or PE casters ,these kind caters never broken . B. Office Chairs Gas Lifts ,the offiice chairs gas lifts have black color and chrome color 2 kind ,according to the lift ranges have 65mm,80mm,110mm,260mm,280mm size . Our Heng Xing Office furniture Chair gas lifts all passed the SGS approved ,also the GS/CE ,TUV, BIFMA approved . 3. Office Chairs mechanism have also many kinds ,according to function regularly are single function mechanism can only lift the chairs , Multifunction can lock the office chairs back at some position  . Luxury mechanism can lock at any position of the office chairs . 4.Office Chairs arms according to different materials and function have wooden arms  ,chrome  metal arms  ,PP arms ,Nylon  arms  ,aluminum arms  ,stainless steel arms  , PE arms  ,adjustable arms and fixed arms . 5.The office chairs back and seats structure according to different materials and design can be wooden structure ,Nylon structure ,metal structure . 6.The office chairs upholstery surface materials can be fabric ,mesh ,tow cow leather ,PVC ,PU or other synthetic leather . 7.Office Chairs inside foam ,regularly are 30.0kgs/m3 to 35.0kgs/m3 , some chairs with PE memory foam ,this  kinds foam not easy to change the shape after long time use .


For the office chairs furniture have many different kinds you can select from our web-site ,you will find many nice office chairs ,trust you can select your favorite one from us .

Post time: 07-20-2017


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