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How to select an office desk (table) furniture ?

How to select an office desk (table) furniture ?

When you have an new office or you want put some office furniture in the home ,you will thinking too much what kind of the office furniture you want to buy .First is the office desk table furniture will make you some headache,as so many office desks and tables on the markets ,on the web-sites ,it is very hard for the selection .We Heng Xing Office Furniture have more than 9 years production experience for the office desk table furniture ,here would like to give you the following some suggestion for the office table desks selection .

Office desks table furniture according to raw material have many kinds  , here we would like to introduce the main material office furniture products for you .

 1. Melamine laminated office desks table furniture ,melamine also called MFC ,this kind material have the character anti-dirty,anti-scratch ,anti-water, also can be fire-proof after the special process, the fire-proof melamine also called HPL.Melamine raw material furniture products can have many different kinds nice colors ,then most customers will like this kind raw material office furniture  .The melamine office desks table furniture well liked by the customer also because the price is more cheaper than the other material . And as the melamine office desks table products have less weight and less packing volume can save the shipping cost .

 2.Solid wood veneer office desks table furniture ,this kind furniture with the raw material is MDF ,the MDF surface with the solid wood veneer ,the veneer office furniture have the character high glossy ,luxury .The veneer office table desks can make some big and special size .As the cost of the solid wood veneer is some higher ,then the veneer table desks furniture price is some expansive compared with other material office furniture . This kind veneer office furniture desks products have been most used in government project office .The packing size and the weight of solid wood veneer table products is some big ,then the shipping and transportation cost is some higher .

 3.Paper veneer office table desks furniture ,this kind raw material is also MDF , the MDF surface with the paper veneer ,the paper veneer also is high Glossy ,but the paper easy to be scratched and if with the water very easy to broken for the veneer surface . Compare with other raw material ,the paper veneer office desks furniture is some cheaper . The packing volume and weight of the furniture products same as the solid wooden veneer some bigger ,then the shipping cost is some higher .

 4.Glass table top office desks furniture ,table top made of the tempered glass,the glass can be white ,black or dark gray. Regularly the table desks structure with the melamine or steel metal ones . This kind office table desks furniture easy to broken for the desk top ,then when shipping all with the wooden structure protection ,before the shipment some country required for the fumigation for the wooden packing .The packing size and weight is regularly not costly for the shipping .

5.High Glossy painting office desks table furniture ,this series office table desks is high glossy ,the color regularly is black and white ,gray or mahogany . The painting desks price is some higher compare with the other raw material .Packing and weight same as the veneer products some costly .

The above 5 kind material office desks table furniture just for your reference , you can select according to your favorite .Trust you can find your just one table desks furniture !

Post time: 07-20-2017


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